Manuscript Submission

The deadline for abstract submission is 16 March 2005.

To upload your manuscript you must have previously submitted a 35 word abstract and a 2 page summary and received confirmation that it has been accepted.

Instructions for Authors: Manuscript Preparation

Only manuscripts which conform to the prescribed format defined below will be accepted. Submissions which do not follow this format may be returned to its author[s] for correction, if time permits.

Please follow the instructions below when preparing your manuscript. The manuscript should be in PDF format compatible with IEEE Xplore – details of which can be found here Author Instructions or Full Technical Instructions . Please remember to save your manuscript as ptrackingno.pdf i.e. p134.pdf if your tarcking number is 134.

The PDF file should be formatted to 8.5" x 11" page size (up to 4 pages for Contributed Papers and 6 for Invited and Plenary Papers).

General Instructions

Format your paper to 8.5" x 11" (letter size) page with a top margin of 1/2 " and a bottom margin of 1".

The Manuscript, including appendices, should be in two columns (each 3.5" wide, separated by 0.5" and 9.5" high) with right and left justified text.

Use Times Roman Font with the recommended font size and vertical spacing (abbreviated to ps/vs below) for text as follows :

  • Title (centred, all caps) ps/vs = 16/18
  • Author Names (centred, initial caps) ps/vs = 12/14
  • Affiliations (centred, initial caps) ps/vs = 12/14
  • Abstract (centred, initial caps) ps/vs = 12/14
  • Body of text, Appendices, Acknowledgements and References ps/vs = 10/12

DO NOT number your pages

Remember to embed all fonts. Avoid the use of non-English language fonts

Recommended Style

  • Primary headings are centred, numbered with Roman numerals (I, II, etc)
  • Secondary headings are flush left, numbered with cap letters (A., B., etc)
  • Tertiary headings are indented, numbered with Arabic numbers followed by a right parenthesis (1), 2), etc. )

The standard paragraph indent is 3/16"

The 35 word Abstract (identical to that at the time of summary submission) should be placed directly below the title and authors and fully justified.

The heading Appendix , the Title of the Appendix, the heading Acknowledgement , and the heading References are centered.

Variables are in italics throughout the paper

Images, Figures and Tables should occupy a single column if possible. The caption is above the table. The caption is under the figure. All must be cited in the text by ascending number order ( ie Fig.1, Fig.2, etc, Table 1, Table 2 etc).

Equations are in italics and are centred with the equation number flush right. Throughout the paper only the equation number is used in the text enclosed in parenthesis, without Eq., except at the beginning of a sentence where the word Equation is used. Equations can be numbered consecutively, or with a section designation such as (1.1), (2.1), (2.2) etc. Appendix equations are numbered (A.1), (A.2) etc. A second Appendix would used equation numbers (B.1), (B.2) etc

Bibliography and References : Where the citation occurs in the text, used parentheses (1) and list references at the end of the paper.

Manuscript Upload

To upload your Manuscript please click the link at the bottom of this page. Once at this page you will be asked to enter your 'Family Name' and 'Password' exactly as you did when registering your abstract. You should then select the service entitled 'Upload Manuscript' and follow the instructions detailed. Remeber to save your manuscript as ptrackingno.pdf, i.e. p134.pdf.

Awards & Recognitions

IEEE/LEOS Best Student Paper Award:

To encourage the participation of students, LEOS has established a "Best Student Paper" Award for IPRM.

III-V's Review Annual "Michael A. Lunn Award":
This award has been established to recognise outstanding contributions
by individuals within the IPRM and III-V community.  The recipient,
chosen by the Conference Committee will be announced at the conference.

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